Saturday, January 8, 2011

the beginning.

I've just started a new semester at BYU, and my last before I leave for my mission (hopefully, in June). I'm excited for my classes this semester because I'm watching tons of movies, writing about theater and film, and studying what I love most. Toward the end of my sophomore year I had decided I liked documentary, but wasn't going to pursue making them. After working on several fiction films, I came to the conclusion that I didn't love to make them, and that I'd rather change the world telling real stories, or at least try. So, here I am, creating a blog for my "New Media Storytelling" class--basically, the gateway to the documentary track. I'm only required to post three responses to media I view outside of class, but I thought I'd keep a better record of some of my other assignments, and I am starting with our observations project.

We had to choose one day to observe the everyday beauty around us. I chose Thursday, January 6th, 2011. Here is what I saw:
- In the morning when I caught the bus, I said hello to the bus driver. He turned to the road and didn't say a thing. I considered him unfriendly. On the way to school he randomly stopped by the side of the road. I grew impatient, wondering what was going and worrying that I would be late to my class. A minute or two later a girl comes walking by the side of the bus and got on. This bus driver did what most don't--waited for a straggler--when the rest of us passengers didn't even notice her before.
- At work, one of my co-workers consistently wears colorful argyle sweaters with matching collared shirts and ties underneath. This day was no exception. He wore a green, black, and gray argyle sweater, with a bright green shirt, and, I think a gray tie.
- While I sat at the Wilkinson Center waiting for my bus to arrive I noticed the setting sun's light hitting the windows of the homes on the mountains and reflecting that light while everything around them grew darker. I always seem to notice when the mountains turn pink, but I don't usually take note of the lighting bouncing on the windows.
- The ride home had a great view with a beautiful sunset of blue, purple, and pink.
- I went to the temple that evening and there were a couple beautiful things there besides the usual. First, when we went to hang up the coats there was a row of colorful coats in a row--yellow, green, and blue. I realized I was wearing my orange coat, and took my roommates red coat, and hung the two in order next to the others. Second, I love how gentle and soft the whispers of the temple workers are to prompt those doing baptisms. Third, was this one girl carefully braided her friend's hair to match hers. That same girl several minutes later had her head resting on another friend with a braid. You could sense the closeness and the care she had with her friends.
- Later my roommate and I were walking from her car to the parking lot and my eyes were drawn to two beautiful things. First, there was the sky which had this awesome gradient from a light purple to dark blue and star-covered, and then there was also the snow on the ground which sparkled like there were miniature diamonds thrown into it.

Obviously, I love color and the sky since those seem to be reoccurring instances, but people, too. There is a lot of beauty in people; even though I have little faith in them sometimes, there is definitely hope.